As Independent Licensed Brokers, we can service
    Most all of your Insurance and Retirement Needs!

Not every company is licensed to operate in each state. As a general rule, you should buy from a
company licensed in your state, because then can you rely on your state insurance department
to help if there’s a problem. To find out which companies are licensed in your state, contact the
state insurance department.

Many companies sell insurance policies and prices vary greatly from one to another, so it really
pays to shop around. Get at least three price quotes from companies, agents and from the
Internet. Your
state insurance department may publish a guide that shows what insurers charge
for different policies in various parts of your state.

Financial Solidity
You buy insurance to protect you financially and provide peace of mind. Select a company that is
likely to be financially sound for many years, by using ratings from
independent rating agencies.

We're Here When You Need Us!

Our Personal Representatives, are licensed to take care of a wide variety of your personal
insurance, health, and life needs in one place. If you’re thinking of retirement, savings or
protecting your family and assets, We would be happy to assist you in finding solutions to help
meet your changing needs.   
Financial Solidity
We're Here When You Need Us!
Special Events Insurance
Special Events Insurance

Special Events Insurance
The Protector Plan® for Events, underwritten by
Travelers, provides coverage that goes beyond
weddings and delivers specific coverages for private
special events including parties for anniversaries,
birthdays, sweet sixteen celebrations, baby showers,
holiday parties, retirements and many others.
The Special Events policy provides several different
types of coverage and coverage enhancements for
your special day.  There is also the option to add
liability insurance which includes an option to add
liquor liability. Consumers planning special events
can now purchase the no-deductible Protector Plan®
for Events from Travelers starting at $160. View all of
the special event insurance coverage options
Our mission is to educate the public about Insurance and to help as
many people and businesses to make informed decisions!

Many agents can’t educate their clients on what coverage's are best for them, and can’t
compare what coverage’s or policies you need.  As brokers we offer you the choice of
Insurance companies to choose from, while comparing  what kind of coverage’s you currently

We look at your home, auto, health, life, work or business insurance,  financial stability and
more.  Many times our review will confirm policies you have now are best for you. We will
package  all your needs that change with your life style and plans…pricing with value and
service you deserve.
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